Vorroth Zorjurn

The traveling Merchant (for some reason he always seems to be near the party)


A town merchant that has a pretty shady background. You never really understand why he is such a nut, but you can kinda tell it comes a little from the vines and bong he has in the back.

This Merchant seems, although odd, to have a decent well of supplies. Unbeknownst to you on how he acquires all his rare items, let alone protects them to sell, he at least seems more than happy to barter with you. Rather cheery when he sees you, he seems like the kind of merchant that would expand his wares, perhaps after further investment he may be able to afford higher levels of stock?.


Rather small, but a bit bigger than the size of a halfling, with a sturdy muscular build, and only looking about the age of 27. Sleek, silver hair, and a sturdy build gives him the look of a well worn merchant.

Vorroth Zorjurn

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