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Episode V: Monkey Business
Well, that didn't go as planned...

Episode V: Monkey Business

Rad leads the group inside, though they are still quite wary. He explains that he needs their help, because he was hired to try and dispel a curse that had fallen over this temple, which resulted in the decay they had seen outside. Unfortunately, his companions had been killed, and he was unable to deal with it by himself. He offered to split his own reward from the task, as well as any loo found within the temple. Hesitantly, they group agreed, asking who had hired him.

They were answered by a large gorilla, who sat in the centre of the temple’s main chamber. The gorilla is the leader of the local sentient apes, who are intelligent and peaceful, also the residents of the temple. Whatever has happened, any members of their number that have travelled into the catacombs below have not returned. They group agrees to help, Nilakanta leading the way down the stairs and into the catacombs. Titus lights up the torches as they go, and curiously, one turns blue. Ladorae grabs it, claiming it as her own.

They come into an octagonal room, with doors on each of the four corner sides, and a large stone door, currently locked and too heavy to move, on the far wall. Four pillars stand in the middle of the room, and a quick investigation by the party reveals a hidden doorway on the right-hand wall. This hidden door is sealed, and they can’t figure out how to open it. Resolving to come back to it, they investigate the other doors. Three are locked, while the fourth comes open. Oz flies in first to check it out, but is killed by a furry attacker, and the familiar dissipates.

The party deduces that the apes that came into these catacombs before must have killed Oz, and are waiting for them beyond the door. Knowing this, Ladorae readies her torch, and Titus opens the door slightly. The torch is thrown inside, and Titus makes it flare, cause fiendish legacy ‘n’ sheit. As the flames flare out, several small monkeys are killed, and the group moves inside. Cleaning up the last few is an easy task, and the room is cleared with speed. There is another set of doors on the far side, which the party proceed through, finding another room, this one with a pair of enraged gorillas and two chimpanzees, all of whom are savage, and attack the party immediately. After this is completed, the party examines the room. A small altar lies in the centre, with a statue of an enraged gorilla in the centre.

The party takes this statue, and after some experimenting, places it on the corresponding pillar back in the octagonal room. There is a rumble, and the next door unlocks. Suddenly, everyone’s vision goes dark, and a voice speaks inside their heads, warning them to turn back, or they will surely die. The party ignores this warning, proceeding through the next set of doors. This seems to fit the same design as the previous set, with two rooms separated by a set of heavy doors, and an altar.

Both rooms are completely empty, though Titus and Ladorae are hesitant to go into the altar room; the altar is empty. Convinced that the real attack will come from the way they came, Titus pushes Illithor into the room, and stands with his back to the rest of the party. When he does this, the doors close, sealing him and Ladorae outside. They attempt to break in, but to no avail. The party can’t hear them, and they can’t hear the party. Inside, a disembodied voice speaks to the rest of the group. If they answer five riddles correctly, they can take the statue and leave. They have three guesses for each riddle. They begin, as a fight begins outside.

The slain apes from the previous rooms return to life, attacking Titus and Ladorae back in the octagonal room. The fight is bloody, and somehow Ladorae ends up splattered with monkey faeces, but sheer force of will and might wins them the day. Their party succeeds and returns with the statue, placing it on the altar, unlocking the third door. After applying some blood to the red gem set into the concealed doorway, the group observes that it glows dully for a moment before fading, giving a clue as to how to operate the door, but not solving the riddle.

The next room they go into is littered with rotting corpses, which have been brutalised by some unknown creature. The group proceeds, as something massive drops from the ceiling. An infernal ape with red fur and blue skin, a Barlgura, drops from the ceiling and attacks the party. Titus takes heavy damage immediately, and is knocked to the ground. The rest of the group draws fire away from Titus as Ladorae heals him, scattering so that the Barlgura must choose a specific target. As the fight draws on, and the Barlgura takes more and more damage, it catches the party off-guard by becoming invisible. Evelyn manages to locate it roughly with her sense of smell, but not before it moves beside Brorsack and attempts to kill him. The party finish the demon off, and Titus cuts off the heavy metal bands on its forearms as trophies of their victory.

The party moves on, entering this segment’s altar room and finding a collection of seemingly undead apes within. The fight lasts a bit longer than their previous encounters with apes, likely due to the perseverance of their undeath, but this room too was conquered. The party retrieved the statue and placed it in the corresponding pedestal, unlocking the fourth and final side door. Upon proceeding, they encountered something resembling a small Beholder in the next room, that told them that all but the one who summoned it was permitted to pass. This creature is a Spectator. The party agreed to return with the creature’s summoner. Their return to the octagonal room, not thrilled with the idea of fighting a Spectator, and reasoning that the creature’s summoner, or at least something of value, would lie behind the hidden doorway in the room.

After trying several things, Titus uses magic to brighten the flame of Ladorae’s torch, so that it flares and licks the red gem. This seems to do the trick, activating the gem, which flares brightly, staying lit. Thy try cold magic against the second gem, a blue one, though to no effect. After several attempts with no success, Rad casts healing magic onto the gem, which lights up, and the door opens. Inside is a wide room with several old and rotting crates, and a chest on the far side. The group is suspicious, and the elves fire arrows and bolts into the chest from a distance. Nothing happens, so they advance through the room, checking the crates. Ladorae runs ahead to collect her bolt from the chest, and when she places a hand on it to push off and pull her bolt out, her hand sticks to the surface. The chest dives forward, lid opening to reveal a maw of teeth, attacking her.

The Mimic lands a solid hit on her as the rest of the party advances, surrounding the starved and feral creature to try and get Ladorae free before it eats her. It takes some doing, and careful movement so as not to hit Ladorae, but the creature is killed before it can do much. Inside of it they find a spell scroll of greater mending, some gold, and a cracked wand, though the Spectator’s summoner is nowhere in sight. Instead, they agree to rest here and fight the creature when they’re ready. After healing and preparing, Titus talks Rad through how to look like a possible creature that summoned this creature that he’s heard of, a Mind Flayer. Though it takes a good deal of the rest, Rad turns into something closely resembling a Mind Flayer, and they set off to try and talk their way past the Spectator.

Unfortunately, the Spectator does not believe their cunning ruse, and the party attacks. Two even smaller creatures show up to aid the Spectator, Gazes. Titus is almost turned to stone and thrown against the opposite wall, but Illithor lands the killing blow on the Spectator with an arrow through the central eye. Titus chops off some eye stalks, and they proceed to the final room of the fourth corridor, coming across two skeletal gorillas and two skeletal chimpanzees. The fight ends quickly, and the party looks for this room’s statue. What they find is an odd construct on the altar, a three-letter combination lock of sorts set under a metal plate. After some time, the party figures out the combination and a completely destroyed statue appears on the plate before them. Ladorae’s restorative magic has no effect, unfortunately, so they think on it for a moment and remember the spell scroll of mending that they picked up on the Mimic room. They use it, which succeeds in repairing the statue.

They place it on the pedestal in the octagonal room, and there is a rumbling. Sections open in each pillar, revealing four small ornate boxes. The boxes are crafted of marble, with golden hinges and trim, each with a small golden latch at the front, keeping them closed. Titus, Ladorae, Illithor and Brorsack take one each, opening them to find a ring inside, each one different. Before they can truly test out the rings, they snap together when brought in proximity to each other. The rings, now firmly stuck together, fit perfectly into a depression into the main stone door at the end of the room, which rumbles deeply before opening. The party continues down the stairs, coming to a corridor with four pools of water, two set into either side. Titus kneels, dipping his finger into the water and having a taste. It tastes amazing.

While on his knees, something hits him in the back of the head, knocking him to the ground. The group only now notices a giant snail hanging from the roof of the corridor, and combat begins. Titus is dazed, though Illithor and Ladorae shoot the snail from a distance while Nilakanta advances to defend his friend. The snail is too high for Evelyn, who jumps to try and attack it several times, missing and confirming that she is, in fact, a drain on society. Brorsack hits it with spells, though it seems resistant to this. Eventually, by the time Titus is able to get to his feet, the snail is slain. However, in death, the snail retreats into its shell and screams continuously.

Titus drinks from the pool once again, finding that the harm he took in the encounter suddenly healed, and revealing that these are in fact pools of healing. The group continues down the stairs at the end of the corridor, which opens out into a massive room.

Four tables are spread around, with beakers and vials on each, but before the party can investigate they see a figure at the far side of the room, drinking a glass of wine. The figure welcomes them, spreading a set of demonic wings and turning to face them. Titus spreads his own, and the group advances as they realise this is a Cambion. The Cambion mocks them and their efforts, and is met by even greater sass from Ladorae. The Elf is ruthless in her mocking, which goads the Cambion into throwing a spear at her, falling short by a few feet and earning a few comments about performance issues.

The Cambion growls, opening a portal behind him, through which comes a large skeletal snake, a Bone Naga. The Cambion and Naga attack as the party advances. Rad summons a cloud of daggers around the Naga, while Nilakanta and Ladorae attack it head-on. Titus and Evelyn make for the Cambion, Brorsack and Illithor stay at a distance, firing arrows and spells to aid whoever needs it in the moment. A good arrow hit draws the Naga’s attention to Illithor, who it attacks, biting and severely wounding with its venom. Heavily wounded, Illithor retreats to the pools of healing. Brorsack finishes off the Naga with successive magic missiles, shattering the bones so that all of the focus can now be aimed towards the Cambion.

The fight continues, and the Cambion charms Titus, who turns and begins to make his way towards Brorsack to kill him. Fortunately, an attack from Brorsack is able to break him out of the Cambion’s control, and the demon’s victory is short-lived. It quickly becomes clear that the Cambion is going to lose, so it looses a concussive wave that throws all of the members of the party back, except for Ladorae. It grabs the Bard, opening a portal and throwing her through, before following behind. The portal closes before anybody else can follow, leaving the party one member down and alone in the now-quiet room.

Episode IV: The Road Less Travelled
Road Shenanigans

Episode IV: The Road Less Travelled

The group returns to Daggerford for some much-needed R&R. Worn out from slaying a Drake, they head to Vorroth to inform him that the job has been completed, and tell him of what they found. He applauds the team, handing over their reward, and buying the Drake scales and teeth they had acquired. He informs them that he intends to leave Daggerford soon, and would like to have them along to escort his caravan on the north-east road to Waterdeep. They agree, and plan to spend one more night in the town as before moving on. While Brorsack makes for the tavern, immediately springing for a bubble bath, Titus heads to the weapons shop, where he purchases a greatsword and two simple iron bands. Afterwards, he heads to a general store to pawn off some of the gems that they had acquired during their travels. The shopkeeper takes specific visual interest in one, though does offer extra pay for it, so Titus elects to keep it, and sell the others. He returns and gives the jewel to Illithor, the honorary treasurer for the party, and tells him that the stone might be enchanted. Illithor investigates.

Illithor heads to the magic shop, paying a small fee for the strange gem to be identified. He is told that it will take until morning, and that the salesman needs to close up shop until then. Illithor agrees, and waits patiently by the shopkeeper’s door until morning.

Ladorae is in the tavern, discreetly sitting at the bar and listening to the conversations of the local patrons. They talk about a band of adventurers that came to town only a few days ago, and in that time too care of many of the local threats to the village. In that short time, they’ve become something close to local heroes. The bartender doesn’t quite believe the hype, and when Ladorae asks, he says that the he’ll feel better when they leave town. She tells him not to worry, her party will be gone tomorrow morning. The bartender apologises, as Ladorae leaves, offering to give her back the money she’d paid for her drink, but she throws him the gold piece back, before leaving the bar, smiling. She wanders to the edge of town, before settling down, playing music for the next few hours and watching the wildlife.

Titus heads to the Sheriff’s office discreetly, telling her of the Drake in the mountains, and that they’d dealt with it. She misunderstands, thinking that he is expecting some sort of reward, but Titus replies that he just wanted to inform her that the area was a little safer, and that the group would always be willing to help friends. The Sheriff echoes this sentiment, and Titus tells her that they plan to leave with Vorroth the next day, so she’ll have to find some new people deal with threats, but if they’re ever in the area they’ll drop in and say hello. He leaves shortly after, heading to the tavern and having a few quiet drinks before retiring for the night.

In the morning, the group resupplies and Illithor is given information on the gem he was investigating. It is magical, however the person he’d paid to investigate it is unable to discern any extra details. He’ll need to see a specialist in a larger town if he wants to learn more. Titus performs his first piece of magic, summoning a familiar to fly above and watch over the group. The familiar, an owl named Ozymandias, is quite clearly the most superior companion in the group. The dog can’t fly, after all.

The group goes to meet Vorroth, who is waiting by his caravan, and they all leave town on the road to Waterdeep, planning their first stop at Iron Hill. The day passes without incident as they travel, Oz flying overhead and keeping an eye on the road ahead. As night begins to fall, they set up camp beside the road. Titus casts a warding spell on the camp to alert him of any unknown visitors during the night, and the two Elves decide to cycle watches. Oz stays up as well, taking a high perch and watching over the camp. During the night, the alarm is triggered several times, though investigation suggests that it is little more than curious animals. Oz does manage to spot something strange, but it’s gone before he can get a clear picture. Whatever it was, it was small and humanoid.

As the rest of the group settles in, several hours pass before the alarm is tripped again. This time, both Oz and the Elves spot something moving through the camp, rummaging through their belongings. It sprints off before they can catch it, running into the woods. Ladorae manages to take a shot at in with her crossbow, scoring a hit before it disappears. Unsure what it took, the group decides to chase it down and try and get some answers. Vorroth says that he will wait for them to return.

Evelyn gets the scent of the mysterious creature’s blood from the wound Ladorae inflicted, and the group falls into pursuit. They follow for a fair distance, led by Evelyn. They come across an area where the creature rested briefly, before continuing, showing no further signs of the injury. This concerns them, but they proceed. They follow further as the trees thin, gradually taking on a withered appearance as they approach a clearing. An ancient temple lies before them, its origin unknown. All of the greenery around the temple is either dead or dying, and they see a figure disappearing into the temple’s entrance. They follow, approaching an unfamiliar man standing there, waiting for them. When they demanded information, he explained that his name was Rad, and that they’d met him previously, in the Bullywug den.

After a few minutes of absolute confusion, they recognised his speech habits, and figured out that he was Brolywug. Pressing for information, he revealed that he was a shapeshifter, and that he’d only stolen from them to bring them here, because he desperately needed their help. He gave back the item he stole, the enchanted gem, and pleaded for them to follow him inside, where he would explain.

Episode III: The Desolation Of Kobolds
That time the dog was useful.

Episode III: The Desolation of Kobolds

The same afternoon that they are given the information about the caravan raids by Vorroth, the group decides to prepare as best they can for whatever they are likely to face. They stop by the Sheriff’s office to tell her that they’ll be leaving town for a while, before dropping into the arms store to resupply before the morning. Illithor and Ladorae resupply on their arrows and bolts, while Titus, Brorsack, and Nilakanta browse the more utility-based wares. When the shopkeeper inquires where they’re heading, they tell him that they’re travelling the Delimbyer River mountain pass to deal with some sort of problem. He mentions that he has a map of a dungeon in the area, and would be willing to sell it to them. They accept, before retiring for the night in the tavern.

In the morning, the party rises early and makes their way to the place where Vorroth told them to meet. They tell him that they have acquired a map of the area, upon hearing this he asks to inspect the map that they acquired. He in angered, claiming that the merchant that the party spoke to sold them a fake map. Both Titus and Brorsack want to go back to the shopkeeper and get their money back, and then some, but their caravan is leaving. Vorroth hands them his own map, with much more detail, containing the location he believes the attacks are coming from. He promises to take care of the merchant that sold them the shoddy map, and the caravan begins to depart before they can ask any more questions.

The group settles in for the ride, with Illithor taking watch of the mountains around them to see anything that tries to sneak up on them. During the trek up the mountain and to the pass, he spots an adolescent troll some distance away, but it posed no immediate threat to the caravan. Eventually they came to an area with several overturned and destroyed caravans, spotting a large opening carved into the side of the nearby cliff, like a doorway. A quick comparison to Vorroth’s map confirmed that this was the place he suspected, and the group split from the caravan, telling the driver to go ahead. They would stay behind, and deal with whatever lay in the fortress.

As they approached, it became apparent that this fortress was old, and had been abandoned for some time, given the degradation and wearing of the stonework. Signs of recent traffic showed that something had moved in relatively recently, though nobody could tell quite what or who. They advanced through the entrance, and quickly found out who had taken up residence.

Three Kobolds stood in the room, presumably on guard, but doing a fairly terrible job of it. The party dispatched of them quickly, before moving down the hallway, readying themselves for the next encounter. The next fight was at the end of the hall, with a pair of Lizard Men backing up a half dozen Kobolds, taking a little longer but ultimately meeting the same fate, albeit doing a fair amount of damage to the party before falling. The party decided to duck into a side-room, clearing out a pair of Kobolds and taking a few minutes to heal.

After entering another room, one half covered in lava, and guarded by four lizard men, two of which could fly, the party engaged once more. A pair of arrows from Ladorae and Illithor dropped one of the flying lizard men into the lava, while Titus engaged another. After clearing the room, they continued deeper into the halls, before coming to a large room with two doors. The party split, attacking from both sides. Titus, Illithor, and Ladorae took one entrance, while Nilakanta, Brorsack, and Evelyn took the other. Moving in simultaneously, Nilakanta managed to catch three of the four Lizard Men with his Lightning breath, weakening them significantly as Titus engaged the Lizard Men on the other side. Though the battle was quick, the party was significantly worn down. They noted a heavy lever set in this room, which they would come back to after clearing out more of the dungeon.

Further pushing led to them clearing out several more rooms with little more than Kobolds, with modest treasure being found along the way, along with another heavy lever. At the end of the hall, a set of large locked doors marked the entrance of something resembling a throne room. Rather than charge directly inside, the party decided that it would be best to rest and recover from their previous scrapping, and face whatever lay beyond the doors at their best. They did just this, resting, and then pulling both levers, before advancing on the now unlocked throne room doors and walking inside. On the far end, laying on a flat podium, was a large Fire Drake, accompanied by two Half-Dragons, and two flying Lizard Men.

The Drake warned the party to leave or die, and quite stupidly, they elected to stay and attempt to kill the monster. The party’s trusty electrical cannon began the fight, severely wounding one of the flying Lizard Men as the party spread out. Before they could move too far, the Drake breathed fire out onto the group, and not much fun was had. Fortunately, Evelyn the wonder dog, who had been a useless sack of crap up to this point, came through in the greatest of ways. Seeing their Mastiff tackle the Drake to the ground, knocking it prone, was exactly what the party needed to inspire them to win the day. Arrows flew, Lizard Men and Half-Dragons died, and eventually, after a hard-fought battle, the Drake fell to Nilakanta’s mastery of Kung Fu.

While searching through the Drake’s treasures, they acquired a substantial sum of gold, several jewels, and an enchanted dagger, which was given to Illithor. The young Elf also found a red egg in the den, which he kept, awaiting its hatching. The group had slain their first dragon… ish… It was the start of something incredible.

Episode II: The Mighty Hufflebuff and Elven Pyromania
Too many fucking Badgers.

Episode II: The Mighty Hufflebuff And Elven Pyromania

The group goes shopping for some new gear, deciding to spend some of the money that they had earned in their previous adventures. Ladorae, Illithor, and Nilakanta head to the Arms Store, while Titus and Brorsack go to a local vendor by the name of Vorroth Zorjurn. After making conversation and browsing his wares, Titus and Brorsack purchase a pair of healing potions. Titus makes an inquiry about an item that he carries, a Runic Brass Orb that he knows little about, apart from the fact that it belonged to his father. Vorroth inspects it, and tells him to keep it close. There are no suitable buyers for the item in Daggerford, and most any merchant would attempt to cheat him out of it. As far as actual information about the orb, he can’t glean anything, as it is beyond his area of expertise.

Meanwhile, the Elves and Nilakanta are looking through the Arms Store. Ladorae attempts to barter with the clerk for a handheld crossbow, and after not liking the pricing of this store, goes to a different store to check the prices there. Still unsatisfied, she returns to this store, when the clerk increases the price by a considerable amount. Begrudgingly, she pays. Illithor, having learned from this, purchases a Keen Dagger with little deliberation. Nilakanta follows suit, picking up a Bo Staff.

Their wallets significantly lighter, the party meets up again and decides to visit the Sheriff again to see what sort of job she has lined up for them. This one is relatively simple, the Honey Badger population just west of town has been steadily rising, and is now causing concerns for the citizens. The group is employed to go and sort things out, and return for their payment. They accept, leaving her office. Before they leave town, they stop by to see Vorroth once again, and make arrangements to deliver the Badger pelts to him upon their return, pending payment of five gold per Badger pelt. They are also stopped by an elderly woman, who recognises the kitten that Nilakanta carries as Snoofles, her own kitten, kidnapped not too long ago by the Ogre. After some deliberation and moral crises, Nilakanta returns the kitten to its rightful owner, though not without a fond goodbye. This settled, they head out to deal with the infestation.

The Honey Badgers are quickly found, and the party refrains from using their swords and bows to preserve the pelts for Vorroth. Thus, the party beats, punts, slaps, and piledrives close to a dozen ordinary Honey Badgers to death over the course of the next hour or so. As they clear things up, skinning their kills, they are attacked by a monstrous creature. The largest Honey Badger they have ever seen, rippling with muscle, charges at them, flanked by two smaller, yet considerable Badgers. An epic fight ensues, with Nilakanta using his newly acquired Bo Staff as an improvised golf club, swatting a Badger so hard into a tree that it’s reduced to little more than a bloody paste. After slaying the mighty Honey Badger King, nicknamed Hufflebuff by the party, they skin their latest kills as well and decide to search out the Badgers’ den, to clear up any they may have missed.

They head in the direction that Grand King Hufflebuff came from, soon finding a large burrow in the side of a hill in the forest. The party descends, travelling a short distance in and spotting three small furry creatures and the back of the den. These creatures are not badgers though, they’re sleeping owlbear cubs. The party hears a roar, and the thudding of feet as what they can only assume is the mother Owlbear returns to defend her young. Being too far away from the den’s entrance to escape, Titus and Nilakanta set up a front line, preparing to fight a fully grown and very angry Owlbear.

The mother arrives, blocking the den’s exit, and a fight ensues, Titus is mauled immediately, but remains conscious, working with Nilakanta to hold the Owlbear back from the less defended members of the party as they work to take it down, being sure to spare as much of the pelt as possible to possibly sell to Vorroth as well as their Badger pelts.

Having dealt with the immediate threat, the party leaves the den. Illithor, however, decides to take care of the future threat of Owlbears in the area by soaking the interior of the den with lantern oil, including the Owlbear cubs, and setting it alight. Their noble work done, the party returns to Daggerford to receive payment from both Vorroth and the Sheriff.

Vorroth pays for their pelts, considerably more for those from Owlbear and Hufflebuff. As the party is about to go and report to the Sherriff’s office, they spot a pair of Paladins exiting the building. Titus decides to stay, dropping into a magic shop to browse their wares while the rest of the party goes to report that they had completed the given task. Nilakanta follows. After browsing for a time, Titus returns to Vorroth and purchases two Arcane Focuses, one rod, and one orb.

After the party returns from the sheriff’s office, Vorroth asks about hiring them for some work he needs done. Other merchants that he knows are being attacked on the road through the Delimbyir River mountain pass leading to Secomber. Whatever is attacking them is stopping entire caravans, and they desperately need the problem solved to keep the trade routes open. There is a trade caravan leaving the next day, at dawn, and it’s agreed to take the party to combat whatever threats lie along the way.

Episode I: For Whom The Frog Croaks
The Faerun Faecal Space Program

Episode I: For Whom The Frog Croaks

The game is afoot, and the band of adventurers set out on the north road, once again with Rex, the Sheriff’s Mastiff, to try and learn the fate of those travellers and merchants that have gone missing of late. They follow the road a fair way, scanning the surrounding areas until they get to the area that the Sheriff warned them about, where the road runs alongside a particularly thick swamp. Distastefully, the group traverses into the swamp to see what they can find. Before too long they manage to spot something of an embankment on the side of the shallow river, with a burrow large enough to walk through disappearing down into the side of a hill. Several odd humanoid figures can be seen at a distance moving around it, but they are indistinguishable at this distance.

Illithor peels off from the group, making his way alone to cover along the way in order to get a better look at these humanoids as the group advances. From his location, Illithor can make out the features of these creatures. Three bipedal frogs almost as big as a man, these creatures hold primitive spears, and are clad in rags and furs. Bullywugs. A pair of giant frogs accompany them, though nobody seems to have noticed the party yet.  Illithor sees the main burrow, which seems to have been made by these creatures, as well as a second tunnel, partially concealed to the side. A pile of bones and meat scraps, human from what he can tell, lays to the side by this half-concealed tunnel. With a silent motion for the party to attack, he draws his bow and lines up a shot.

As the party charges, Titus and Ladorae in the lead, the Bullywugs take notice. Two move to attack in kind, along with the giant frogs. The third Bullywug moves towards the den, and Illithor looses his arrow. The Bullywug is killed, and whatever is inside the burrow remains ignorant to their presence. A giant frog jumps in behind the frontline, attacking Brorsack while Titus and Ladorae engage the two Bullywugs that charged at them.

Nilakanta decides to not advance with the party, instead opting to stay at a distance, to protect the kitten he had adopted at the Ogre’s hut, and subsequently brought along on a monster hunting mission. Instead, he breathes lightning onto the giant frog attacking Brorsack. Brorsack and Ladorae turn to deal with the Giant Frog, while Titus takes on the two charging Bullywugs as they come within striking distance.

Two more Bullywugs arrive on the scene some distance away, presumably a scouting party that then rushes in to join the fray. Brorsack and Ladorae make short work of the giant frog, while Illithor shoots at the other, wounding it. Titus takes some hits from the three Bullywugs that now surround him, but manages to wound one. Rex charges the second giant frog, taking it to the ground and wounding it severely. The fight continues, and the Bullywugs continue to fall, even with the reinforcements from the scouting party.

Titus beheads one of the two remaining Bullywugs, before turning to the final one and warning that if he tries to flee, he will die. This Bullywug, however, is terrified and does not understand Common, and attempts to flee in a bounding leap. Titus slashes at him as he jumps through the air, killing him mid-flight. Thus, the Faerun Faecal Space Program is born. The threats dealt with, the party inspects the pile of bones, concluding that it is indeed the remains of the missing travellers, and that the Bullywugs are responsible. Instead of using the main entrance, they choose to sneak into the partially hidden tunnel, which is connected to the main lair, and try and do things sneakily.

As time goes on, and they clear out each successive room of the Bullywug den, they come across one room with a particularly well-muscled Bullywug, who is on a gym set, benching some weights. Titus walked up to him, spotting the weights as he finished his set. This being, henceforth known as Brolywug, had a relaxed conversation with them about the recent events, and the group left him in peace as he prepared for another set.

Further investigation turned up the Bullywug leader, a colossally overweight being several times larger than an ordinary Bullywug. Brorsack and Ladorae stood at a distance, fanning out and peppering him with spells, while Titus and Illithor attacked close with sword and dagger. Eventually, the toady lord was toppled by a fire bolt from the wizard, and the party quickly scrounged the room for loot.

They ran into Brolywug on the way out once again, and rather than have to fight him for defeating the Bullywug king, they instead tricked him into thinking that vampires had ransacked the nest, killed the king, and that the party was currently in pursuit. They departed peacefully, with Brolywug thinking of starting a gym in the now-empty lair. Upon returning, the party reports once again back to the Sheriff, who is pleased with their efforts, and pays them the bounty. Also, as an extra reward, a second Mastiff by the name of Evelynn joins the party as a mainstay, loyal to Brorsack. Rex returns to his proper owner, and the party departs.

Pilot: The Phantom Menace
It's all Ogre now

Pilot: The Phantom Menace

The newly formed party quickly reported to Daggerford’s sheriff, who briefs them on an unknown menace to the town. Something in the area has been raiding farms, making off with livestock. The party agrees to investigate, with the help of the Sheriff’s loyal Mastiff, Rex, the group then set about visiting the house of the latest farmer to be targeted in order to gather information on their quarry.

Their inquiries result in the following information: Whatever is taking these livestock is large, and it’s taking them whole. Large footsteps reveal that it is bipedal, and comes from the woods bordering the town at night, growing bolder with each successive raid. Suggestions are put forward to leave a sheep out in the open as bait, and wait for the creature’s next arrival at nightfall; but the party agrees that the best course of action is to track the beast back to its lair, to ensure that the problem is truly dealt with.

Following the overturned trees and clear path left by the unknown creature, the party traverses deep into the forest as the night draws closer. The Sheriff’s Mastiff proves valuable to this effort, tracking the creature by scent through the forest when most visual signs faded. After a few hours of tracking, the party loses the trail, and are lost in the woods. Fortunately, Illithor manages to climb a tall tree, and spots a thin line of smoke coming from a clearing to the north. The party makes their way to the edge of this clearing, noting a ramshackle hut surrounded by a rough palisade wall, with two entrances. To cut off the creature’s escape, the party decides to split into two groups, with Titus, Brorsack, and Rex taking the main entrance, and Nilakanta, Illithor, and Ladorae sneaking around the back.

After a less than stealthy approach, Titus and Brorsack are fairly sure that they’ve been heard, judging by the alerted grumbling inside of the camp. Rounding the corner, the door of the large hut opens, and they see the creature that has been taking the farmers’ livestock. An Ogre stands before them, alongside a mangy looking, possibly rabid Donkey; both immediately turn their attention onto the Fighter, Wizard, and Mastiff. The second group has remained unnoticed at the far side of the camp. Titus, Rex, and the Ogre advance, while Brorsack, Illithor, and Ladorae attack from range to whittle the Ogre down. Nilakanta uses his innate ability as a Dragonborn to breathe lightning onto both the Ogre and Donkey, vaporising the Mule in a single strike, and significantly singing the Ogre.

The battle ends quickly, with the entire party in a veritable Ogre gangbang for the ages. Titus strikes the final blow, impaling the Ogre onto his longsword. As the Ogre falls to his knees, dying, Titus whispers into his ear; “This is my swamp.” Night has fallen by this point, and rather than chance getting lost in the woods at night, most of party decides to stay in the Ogre’s shack overnight to recuperate. Brorsack, on the other hand, decides that the best place to sleep is obviously in the Ogre’s outhouse. After quickly searching the Ogre’s shack and obtaining a magical rubber duck and modest funds, and a kitten which Nilakanta immediately adopts, the party settles down for the night. The elves take the Ogre’s bed, Nilakanta sleeps on the floor, and Titus sits opposite the door with Rex, sword at the ready and taking first watch.

The night passes quietly, and as the sun rises, the party prepares to make their way back to Daggerford. Most had slept well, except for Brorsack, who contracted dysentery from sleeping in the Ogre’s outhouse. They found their way back to the village with relative ease, reporting back to the Sheriff on what they had found, and that the threat had been taken care of. After collecting their reward, the group is told of a minor problem that could use their attention, but without much urgency. The party retires to the tavern in which they met to spend their earnings, their first adventure as a group completed.

How They Met
The Adventure Begins

After a couple of years adventure, Titus and Nilakanta, after starting on an expedition for a monk pilgrimage, have finally made their way to Daggerford, A small town not far from the great city of Waterdeep. On their travels they have recently come across Illithor, a ranger who is on a quest to prove his worth to his father. Entering the town they hear of the town deputy, who is looking for a band of adventurers who can complete a daring quest for him. As they wander the town, they come across a bard elf,  and a wizard dwarf, eager on adventuring to discovering stories to tell, and create them themselves.  Offering assistance with the quests for the town, the groups form a small band to take down the local threats.

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