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Episode I: For Whom The Frog Croaks

The Faerun Faecal Space Program

Episode I: For Whom The Frog Croaks

The game is afoot, and the band of adventurers set out on the north road, once again with Rex, the Sheriff’s Mastiff, to try and learn the fate of those travellers and merchants that have gone missing of late. They follow the road a fair way, scanning the surrounding areas until they get to the area that the Sheriff warned them about, where the road runs alongside a particularly thick swamp. Distastefully, the group traverses into the swamp to see what they can find. Before too long they manage to spot something of an embankment on the side of the shallow river, with a burrow large enough to walk through disappearing down into the side of a hill. Several odd humanoid figures can be seen at a distance moving around it, but they are indistinguishable at this distance.

Illithor peels off from the group, making his way alone to cover along the way in order to get a better look at these humanoids as the group advances. From his location, Illithor can make out the features of these creatures. Three bipedal frogs almost as big as a man, these creatures hold primitive spears, and are clad in rags and furs. Bullywugs. A pair of giant frogs accompany them, though nobody seems to have noticed the party yet.  Illithor sees the main burrow, which seems to have been made by these creatures, as well as a second tunnel, partially concealed to the side. A pile of bones and meat scraps, human from what he can tell, lays to the side by this half-concealed tunnel. With a silent motion for the party to attack, he draws his bow and lines up a shot.

As the party charges, Titus and Ladorae in the lead, the Bullywugs take notice. Two move to attack in kind, along with the giant frogs. The third Bullywug moves towards the den, and Illithor looses his arrow. The Bullywug is killed, and whatever is inside the burrow remains ignorant to their presence. A giant frog jumps in behind the frontline, attacking Brorsack while Titus and Ladorae engage the two Bullywugs that charged at them.

Nilakanta decides to not advance with the party, instead opting to stay at a distance, to protect the kitten he had adopted at the Ogre’s hut, and subsequently brought along on a monster hunting mission. Instead, he breathes lightning onto the giant frog attacking Brorsack. Brorsack and Ladorae turn to deal with the Giant Frog, while Titus takes on the two charging Bullywugs as they come within striking distance.

Two more Bullywugs arrive on the scene some distance away, presumably a scouting party that then rushes in to join the fray. Brorsack and Ladorae make short work of the giant frog, while Illithor shoots at the other, wounding it. Titus takes some hits from the three Bullywugs that now surround him, but manages to wound one. Rex charges the second giant frog, taking it to the ground and wounding it severely. The fight continues, and the Bullywugs continue to fall, even with the reinforcements from the scouting party.

Titus beheads one of the two remaining Bullywugs, before turning to the final one and warning that if he tries to flee, he will die. This Bullywug, however, is terrified and does not understand Common, and attempts to flee in a bounding leap. Titus slashes at him as he jumps through the air, killing him mid-flight. Thus, the Faerun Faecal Space Program is born. The threats dealt with, the party inspects the pile of bones, concluding that it is indeed the remains of the missing travellers, and that the Bullywugs are responsible. Instead of using the main entrance, they choose to sneak into the partially hidden tunnel, which is connected to the main lair, and try and do things sneakily.

As time goes on, and they clear out each successive room of the Bullywug den, they come across one room with a particularly well-muscled Bullywug, who is on a gym set, benching some weights. Titus walked up to him, spotting the weights as he finished his set. This being, henceforth known as Brolywug, had a relaxed conversation with them about the recent events, and the group left him in peace as he prepared for another set.

Further investigation turned up the Bullywug leader, a colossally overweight being several times larger than an ordinary Bullywug. Brorsack and Ladorae stood at a distance, fanning out and peppering him with spells, while Titus and Illithor attacked close with sword and dagger. Eventually, the toady lord was toppled by a fire bolt from the wizard, and the party quickly scrounged the room for loot.

They ran into Brolywug on the way out once again, and rather than have to fight him for defeating the Bullywug king, they instead tricked him into thinking that vampires had ransacked the nest, killed the king, and that the party was currently in pursuit. They departed peacefully, with Brolywug thinking of starting a gym in the now-empty lair. Upon returning, the party reports once again back to the Sheriff, who is pleased with their efforts, and pays them the bounty. Also, as an extra reward, a second Mastiff by the name of Evelynn joins the party as a mainstay, loyal to Brorsack. Rex returns to his proper owner, and the party departs.



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